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Maddison founded Essential Recruitment Solutions (ERS) in August 2019 with the intention to fill the real person feel the recruitment industry has lost. ERS seeks to build a reputation for a safe and welcoming environment where candidates and clients can be honest and open about their career goals and expectations being met with optimism and enthusiasm. Furthermore, to not be seen as a number or statistic but rather a person on a journey in their professional lives, looking for a hand to help them take the next step.

Maddison believes a warm and friendly relationship is key to fulfilling everyone’s career aspirations. Through experience, she has found the more comfortable the client is, the smoother and more accurate an assessment of their objectives can be made. That’s why at ERS the priority is, and always will be, forming a genuine connection with clients and candidates.

In business, and in life, it is important to know your strengths. ERS purposely avoids high volume recruiting, as Maddison believes high turnover and quantity will diminish the quality and authenticity of what makes ERS so unique. When you choose ERS, you will never go unnoticed or feel helpless. A good experience is not only the service she guarantees but also builds the image she envisions of ERS projected onto the industry.

Everyone is unique in their own way. Further, possessing certain skills and talents that will make them the perfect fit for a specific business. ERS prides itself on not only having an eye for such talent but having the knowledge and ability to maximise its potential.

Maddison ensures your experience will be exclusive to you. ERS moulds it's approach around what satisfies and drives you, unlocking a feeling of limitlessness in your professional endeavours.

She also acknowledge that people grow, and their employment goals can change. Having an existing and trustworthy relationship with clients and candidates allows seamless transitions in positions and makes sure continual opportunities are presented, so that windows of opportunity never close for you.

Maddison Franz


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